2008 Summit


We are pleased that you have joined us for our Seventh Annual Leadership Awards Dinner. We hope that you enjoy this special evening, designed to honor outstanding individuals whose contributions to improving health-care equity are an inspiration to us all.

This dinner closes the Spring Health Braintrust and Fifth Annual Health Disparities Summit—a groundbreaking collaboration with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., and the Congressional Black Caucus Health Braintrust. We would like to recognize our distinguished speakers and panelists.

They provided us with valuable insights into the challenges that persist in trying to close the health-care-quality gap. They also offered solutions that engender hope: We have the tools and resources necessary to make a difference.

We learned that health-care quality is not a given and that disparities are pervasive throughout the U.S. health-care system. Wide variations in racial disparities exist across geographic lines. Substantial disparities exist in some areas, while equal treatment characterizes others. The problem of differences in health-care quality— from preventive care to lifesaving therapies to long-term care—should remain the target of policy makers and the health-care industry. Reducing quality disparities would play a major role in improving the health care received by all Americans.

We thank our partners, our sponsors, and, most of all, you for helping to make the summit and the awards dinner a success. While we still have far to go in improving the health care of all Americans, we are confident that this goal is achievable. We look forward to rolling up our sleeves with you. We can make a difference.

Have a very enjoyable evening.