2008 Summit Presentations

Spring Health Braintrust and
Fifth Annual Health Disparities Leadership Summit

Day 1: April 14

Opening Plenary: Health-Care Costs and Health Disparities

  • Terris King: “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Health Disparities Program” (312KB PDF)

Clinical CME Breakout 1. Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Pharmaceutical Therapy

  • Carmen R. Green, MD: “Unequal Burdens and Unheard Voices: Unraveling Disparities in Pain Care Quality” (681KB PDF)
  • Richard Levy, PhD: “Disparities in Pharmaceutical Therapy: A Major Contributor to Unequal Treatment of Ethnic and Racial Minorities” (4.1MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Breakout 1. Health-Care Cost and Patient Variations

  • Darrell J. Gaskin, PhD: “Healthcare Cost Dilemma” (265KB PDF)
  • Peter R. Orszag: “Changes in Life Expectancy” (48KB PDF)

Clinical CME Breakout 2. Management of Diabetes in Minorities

  • James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD: “Management of Diabetes in Minorities: A Matter of Urgency” (1.3MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Breakout 2. National Initiatives to Reduce Health Disparities

  • Jerry “Pops” Barnes, RN, BSN: “Active Communities Providing Holistic Health Interventions” (1.5MB PDF)
  • Eliana T. Loveluck, MSW: “Health Disparities among Hispanics/Latinos” (1.1MB PDF)
  • Maurice Madden: “A National Drive to Find the Undiagnosed: MedicareDiabetes Screening Project” (538KB PDF)
  • William “Bill” Robertson: “Our Journey in the Development of Our Center on Health Disparities at Adventist HealthCare” (2.6MB PDF)
  • Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH: “National Initiatives to Reduce Health Disparities: Expecting Success” (2.1MB PDF)

Booker T. Washington Luncheon

  • Jack Lewin, MD: “Disparities & Diversity: Measuring Our Way to Improved Quality”(427KB PDF)

Clinical CME Breakout 3: Disparities in Treatment Outcomes for Minorities with Cardiovascular Disease

  • Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC: “Disparities in Treatment Outcomes for Minorities with CVD” (3.8MB&160;PDF)
  • Alan T. Hirsch, MD: “Peripheral Arterial Disease Is the Central Cardiovascular Public Health Mandate: Disparities in Treatment Outcomes for Minorities with Cardiovascular Disease” (2.8MB PDF)
  • Elijah Saunders, MD, FACC, FACP: “Betablocker Therapy for Hypertensive African Americans” (1.5MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Breakout 3. Community Collaborations to Reduce Disparities and Improve Wellness

  • William Daley, MD, MPH: “Community Collaborations to Reduce Disparities and Improve Wellness” (46KB PDF)
  • Bryan J. Alsip, MD, MPH, FACPM: “Collaborations to Reduce Health Disparities and Improve Wellness” (572KB PDF)
  • James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD: “Community Strategies to Reduce Health Disparities—What Must We Do? (A Tale of Two Neighbors)” (3.4MB PDF)
  • Maria Lemus: “The Promotora/CHW Model: A Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities and Improve Wellness” (1.8MB PDF)

Clinical CME Breakout 4. Minorities in Clinical Trials: An Update

  • Paul Alexander, MD, MPH: “The Critical Role of Physicians in Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials” (1.2MB PDF)
  • James H. Powell, MD, CPI: “Clinical Trials in the Minority Community: Developing Investigators” (872KB PDF)
  • Jorge C. Rios MD, FACC, FACP: “Hispanics and Clinical Trials” (1.1MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Breakout 4. HIV/AIDS: Combating the Disproportionate Impact on Minorities in the United States

  • John G. Bartlett, MD: “HIV/AIDS Disparities in the US” (230KB PDF)
  • Dr. Britt Rios-Ellis: “Latinos and HIV/AIDS” (2.1MB PDF)
  • Madeline Y. Sutton, MD, MPH, FACOG: “Racial/Ethnic Disparities in HIV/AIDS”(1.9MB PDF)

Town Hall Meeting and Dinner: Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Mark Gourley, MD: “Understanding Arthritis in Minorities” (2.3MB PDF)
  • Michael M. Ward, MD, MPH: “Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Outcomes: The Case of Lupus Kidney Disease” (52KB PDF)

Day 2: April 15

Clinical CME Breakout 5. Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Lawrence Agodoa, MD, FACP: “Chronic Kidney Disease Disparities” (2.1MB PDF)
  • William McClellan, MD, MPH: “Racial Differences in Kidney Disease: Early Lessons from Renal REGARDS” (2.4MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session I. Health Equity: What It Is and Why It Is Needed

  • Marjorie A. Innocent, PhD: “Health Disparities in the US: A Snapshot of a Troubling Picture” (113KB PDF)

Clinical CME Breakout 6. Smoking Cessation

  • Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH: “The Evidence for Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation: Are We Addressing the Needs of a Multicultural-racial-ethnic Society?” (2.8MB PDF)
  • Laybon Jones, Jr., MD: “Smoking Cessation & Disparities in Health Care”(7.7MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session II. The Social Determinants of Health: How and Why They Are Integral to Health Equity

No PDF presentations from this session are available (the Hentry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has posted HealthCasts of the April 15 Summit sessions athttp://www.kaisernetwork.org/health_cast/hcast_index.cfm?display=detail&hc=2573).

Clinical CME Breakout 7. Management of Major Depressive Disorder in Minorities

  • William B. Lawson, MD, PhD, DFAPA: “Depression and Ethnic Health Disparities”(435KB PDF)
  • Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH: “Depression in Women Etiology & Management Strategies” (190KB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session III. Achieving Health Equity: Efforts That Work and Those Which Are Needed

  • Rita Geier: “Call to Action: A Federal Assault on Health Inequity” (3.0MB PDF)
  • Samuel R. Nussbaum, MD: “Achieving Health Equity: Efforts That Work and Those Which Are Needed” (3.1MB PDF)
  • P. N. D. Vigilance, MD, MPH: “DC Health 2008” (672KB PDF)

Stokes Fellowship Lectureship on Health Equity and Awards Luncheon

  • Sheila J. Davis, MD, MS: “W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute” (100KB PDF)
  • LaQuandra Nesbitt, MD, MPH: “Healthcare Workforce Diversity & Health Equity”(64KB PDF)
  • Dr. Gayle K. Porter: “Health Equity and Justice Now! Mental Health Parity”(1.5MB PDF)


The Hentry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has posted HealthCasts of the April 15 Summit sessions at http://www.kaisernetwork.org/health_cast/hcast_index.cfm?display=detail&hc=2573.