2009 Summit Presentations

2009 CBC Spring Health Braintrust and
National Minority Quality Forum Sixth Annual Health Disparities Leadership Summit & Awards Dinner

Day 1: April 27

Opening Plenary: Minority Consumers in the US Health Care Marketplace: The Paradigm Shift Begins

  • Mohammad N. Akhter, MD, MPH: “The Role of Comparative Effectiveness in Health Care Reform” (455KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 1. Comparative Effectiveness: Closing the Disparity Gap?

  • Carolyn M. Clancy, MD: “Comparative Effectiveness: Closing the Quality Gap?” (838KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 1. Evidence-Based Solutions to Eliminating CVD Disparities

  • Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA: “Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease” (2.4MB PDF)
  • Kirk Geter, DPM: “Diagnose and Treat Peripheral Arterial Disease”(5.3MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 2. Diabetes in Medicare

  • Enrique Caballero, MD: “Diabetes Care in the U.S.: A 2009 Vision”(1.3MB PDF)
  • Gail Nunlee-Bland, MD: “Diabetes Treatment Center: Howared University Hospital” (993KB PDF)
  • Jay Hedlund: “Screening Seniors for Diabetes: Why and How?”(1.6MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 2. Reducing Pain Disparities: Treatment Strategies

  • Edward L. Treadwell, MD: “Pain in Osteoarthritis” (1.6MB PDF)
  • Luis R. Espinoza, MD: “Reducing Pain Disparities: Treatment Strategies-RA” (66KB PDF)
  • Carolyn Barley Britton, MD, MS: “The Neurology of HIV Infection”(488KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 3. Evidence-Based Approaches to Eliminating Cardiovascular Disease Disparities

  • Jack Lewin, MD: “Registries to Reduce Disparities” (1.2MB PDF)
  • Kevin Heffernan, PhD: “Racial Differences in Central Blood Pressure”(603KB PDF)
  • Rani Whitfield, MD: “Power to End Stroke Awareness Campaign”(9.0MB PDF)

Booker T. Washington Luncheon

  • Tom Insel, MD: “No Health without Mental Health: The NIMH Perspective on Disparities” (510KB PDF)
  • Bambi Gaddist, PhD: “Southern AIDS Living Quilt—Join the Fight”(894KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 4: Reimbursement in Medicare: Impact on CKD Patients

  • JoVonn Givens, MPH: “Chronic Kidney Disease Quality Initiative”(46KB&160;PDF)
  • Meredith Mathews, MD, MPH: “Reimbursement in Medicare: Impact on CKD Patients” (145KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 3. Impact of Diabetes in Minorities

  • James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD: “The Changing Face of Diabetes in African Americans: Urgency for a New Approach” (1.9MB PDF)
  • Kenyatta Lee, MD: “Diabetes Rapid Access Program (D-RAP) Disease Management Prototype” (3.5MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 5. Improving Quality of Care in Our 21st-Century Health System

  • Deborah E. Jones, PhD, RN: “Community Health Partnership: It’s in Our Hands” (1.2MB PDF)
  • Alethia Jackson: “Creating A High-Value Health Care System”(371KB PDF)
  • Roba Whiteley: “Bridging Health Disparities: Helping Uninsured Minorities Access Prescription Medicines” (14.9MB PDF)
  • Anne Wilkins: “Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index” (4.5MB PDF)

Closing Plenary: The HIV/AIDS Atlas

  • Carl W. Dieffenbach, PhD: “The NIAID Integrated Prevention Research Program” (3.2MB PDF)

Town Hall Meeting and Dinner: Health Care Reimbursement: A Time for Reform?

  • Tammy Banks: “Diagnosis and Cure for the Broken Claims Process”(259KB PDF)
  • David J. Satin, MD: “The Impact of Pay for Performance on Healthcare Disparities” (1.3MB PDF)
  • Richard Allen Williams, MD: “A Universal Code of Conduct for Health Insurers: Is There a Need?” (360KB PDF)

Day 2: April 28

Opening Plenary: CBC Health Braintrust


Opening Session and Morning Panel, featuring Congressman Danny Davis, Congressman John Lewis, and Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen (webcast at urbanHealthCast.com)

Slide Presentations

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen: “The Emerging Majority and the U.S. Health Care System: The Paradigm Shift Begins” (400KB PDF)
  • Gary Puckrein, PhD: Day 2 Opening Plenary Presentation (59KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 4. The Challenges of Mental Health Disparities

  • James A. Blumenthal, PhD: “Depression as a New Risk Factor for Coronary Hearth Disease: Implications for Minority Health” (3.3MB PDF)
  • Philip Wang, MD, DrPH: “Addressing Disparities in Mental Health Care”(285KB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session I. Health Equity and the Changing Demographics in America: Why Health Disparities Should Be Relevant to Everyone

  • Beth Landon: “Health Disparities in Rural and Frontier America”(1.4MB PDF)
  • Eleanor Hinton Hoytt: “Is Inequality Making Black Women Sick?”(1.5MB PDF)
  • Cara V. James, PhD: “2009 Survey of Americans on HIV/AIDS: Findings on the Domestic Epidemic” (148KB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session II. Health Policy in Every Policy: Tackling the Social Determinants of Health

  • Tracie L. Washington, Esq: “Health Policy in Every Policy: Linking Housing and Health Disparities in New Orleans” (343KB&160;PDF)
  • Dennis Andrulis: “Health and the Importance of Place: Poverty, Social Determinants and Their Influence on Disparities” (250KB PDF)
  • Robert S. Ogilvie, PhD: “Changing the Built Environment So That the Healthy Choice Becomes the Easy Choice” (4.3MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 5. HIV/AIDS: A Minority Health Issue

  • Goulda A. Downer, PhD, RD, LN, CNS: “HIV/AIDS: A Minority Health Issue” (7.5MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session III. Community-Centric Health Equity Efforts: A Spotlight on Place Matters

  • Nancy Norman, MD, MPH: “Taking Action to Eliminate Health Inequities in Boston” (2.0MB PDF)
  • Greg Hodge, JD: “Addressing the Root Causes of Health Inequities through a Local Policy Agenda” (1.2MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 6. Advances in Reducing Cancer Disparities

  • Jo Anne Zujewski: “Health Disparities Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment” (2.3MB PDF)
  • Wayne A. I. Frederick, MD, FACS: “Disparities in Outcomes for Major Surgical Oncology Procedures” (335KB PDF)

Special Presentation

  • Lonnel Coats: “Views on Chronic Diseases in Minority Communities: Findings from a National Survey of African American and Hispanic Adults on Alzheimer’s Disease” (57KB PDF)