2010 Summit Presentations

2010 CBC Spring Health Braintrust and
National Minority Quality Forum Seventh Annual Health Disparities Leadership Summit Presentations

Day 1: April 19

Opening Session: Health-Care Reform and the Emerging Majority

  • Willarda V. Edwards, MD, MBA: “Health Care Reform and the Emerging Majority”(695KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 1. Inequalities of Access to Medical Breakthroughs and Health Care

  • Charles J. Bentz MD, FACP: “Addressing Tobacco: It Takes a Village” (4.0MB PDF)
  • C. Daniel Mullins, PhD, “Community Health Partnership: A Model for Local Empowerment: Baltimore Study Results” (191KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 1. Cardiovascular Disease Disparities: Focus on Hypertension and Acute Coronary Syndrome

  • Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC,FAHA: “Stroke Update: Prevention, Disparities & New Advances in Care” (3.8MB PDF)
  • Christopher Cannon, MD: “Eliminating Disparities a in Outcomes in ACS: Perspectives from the TIMI Group” (2.3MB PDF)
  • Laura Lee Hall, PhD: “credo: Why, What and How” (2.2MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 2. Improving Enrollment of Minorities in Clinical Trials

  • Helena O. Mishoe, PhD, MPH: “The NHLBI’s Health Disparities Efforts” (4.2MB PDF)
  • Sanya A. Springfield, PhD: “Racial and Ethnic Minorities Accrual to NCI Clinical Trials” (2.8MB PDF)
  • Tony Coelho: “Partnership to Improve Patient Care: The Need for Patient-Centered CER” (272KB PDF)
  • Gail Nunlee-Bland, MD: “Diversity of Race and Ethnicity in Clinical Trial Participants”(1.9MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 2. Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease and End-Stage Renal Disease at the Community Level

  • Keith C. Norris, MD, FASN: “Environmental Components of Racial Disparities in CKD” (3.0MB PDF)
  • James A. Sloand, MD, FACP: “Disrupting the ‘Norm’ in Chronic Kidney Disease”(6.3MB PDF)

Booker T. Washington Award Luncheon

  • Jack Lewin, MD: “credo: Patient-Centered Care in Cardiovascular Disease”(1.8MB PDF)
  • Leonard Weather, Jr., MD: “The Commission to End Health Care Disparities: Unifying Efforts to Achieve Quality Care for All Americans” (119KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 3. Real-Time Information about Diabetics, Their Care, and the Trends That Are Shaping the Diabetes Market

  • Elbert S. Huang, MD, MPH, FACP: “Projecting the Future Diabetes Population Size and Related Costs for the U.S.” (345KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 3. The Challenge of Health Disparities in Cancer

  • Edith P. Mitchell, MD, FACP: “Differences in Cancer Care in the U.S.: The Racial Divide” (7.9MB PDF)
  • Steven R. Patierno, PhD, “Trenches, Benches, Bedsides and Wrenches: A Trans-disciplinary Attack on Cancer Disparities in Washington DC” (4.9MB PDF)

General Session: Information and Technology: 21st-Century Transformation of Our Health-Care System

  • Mark A. Dente, MD: “Healthcare IT: Transforming Healthcare” (4.2MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 4. Examining Racial Disparities in Infectious Diseases: Focus on Hepatitis C Virus and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

  • Gary Doern, PhD, “MRSA: A Coming Plague”

Clinical CME Session 4. Managing Arthritis and Lupus in Minorities

  • Edward L. Treadwell, MD: “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Are There Triggers and Association to a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease?” (643KB PDF)

Town Hall Meeting and Dinner: Why Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Good Health Policy

  • John Davis, MD, MPH: “Why Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Good Health Policy” (182KB PDF)
  • Armin Weinberg, MD: “Why Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Good Policy: EDICT v2.0″ (897KB PDF)
  • Venus Ginés, MA, “Why Enhancing Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Good Policy”(1.7MB PDF)
  • James H. Powell, MD, CPI: “Improving Minority Health & Participation in Clinical Trials” (563KB PDF)

Day 2: April 20

Clinical CME Session 5. Health-Care Reform, Medicare, and Meaningful Use: An Update

  • Richard Allen Williams, MD: “Why We Can’t Wait: The Moral Imperative for Addressing Healthcare Disparities under Healthcare Reform” (2.1MB PDF)
  • Thomas Tsang, MD, MPH: “Meaningful Use and ONC Overview” (491KB PDF)
  • Carmella Bocchino, RN, MBA: “Health Reform, Medicare, and Meaningful Use: An Update Session” (564KB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session I. New Health Policies and Health Reform: An Update on What Has Been Achieved and What Remains

  • Willarda V. Edwards, MD, MBA: 3.3MB PDF
  • William S. Robinson, MA: “Tobacco, Menthol and the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee” (8.8MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session II. HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Policies and Communities of Color: Current Challenges; Positive Solutions

  • Goulda A. Downer, PhD, RD,LN, CNS: “National Minority AIDS Education & Training Center” (2.7MB PDF)
  • Kevin Dedner, MPH: “ADAPs” (5.3MB PDF)
  • Ronald Johnson: “Importance of Racial & Ethnic Minority Participation in HIV Vaccine Trials” (139KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 6. The Persistent Burden of Diabetes in the Elderly

  • Kevin H. McKinney, MD, FACE, FACP: “The Increasing Burden of Diabetes in the Elderly” (3.4MB PDF)
  • Kenyatta Lee, MD: “The Medical Home Model as a Solution to Diabetes Disparities”(2.3MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session III. Health in Public Housing: Innovative Solutions for Those in Need

  • Karen Williams, MS: “West End Medical Centers” (414KB PDF)
  • Allan Cintron-Salichs, MBA, MHCM: “Health in Public Housing: Innovative Solutions for Those in Need” (137KB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session IV. Value of Community-Based Health Initiatives: In the Community; for the Community; by the Community

  • Jeffrey Chell, MD: “The Value of Community-Based Initiatives: Saving Lives through Blood and Marrow Transplantation” (292KB PDF)
  • Dr. F. Roosevelt Gilliam: “Close the Gap: The Value of Community-Based Health Initiatives: in the Community; for the Community; by the Community” (370KB :PDF)