2011 Summit Presentations

2011 CBC Spring Health Braintrust and National Minority Quality Forum Eighth Annual Health Disparities Leadership Summit & Awards Dinner Presentations

Day 1: April 11Opening Session

  • Marcus L. Williams, MD, FACC: “Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc.: Saving the Hearts of a Diverse America” (1.38MB PDF)

Special Address

  • Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD: “Health Disparities and NIH” (4.86MB PDF)


  • Ellen Nolte, PhD: “Assessing the Performance of Health Systems: The Concept of ‘Avoidable Mortality’” (846KB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 1. Health Care Reform, Industry and Government Perspectives

  • Lu Zawistowich, ScD: “March 2011 Report to the Congress on Medicaid and CHIP”(192KB PDF)
  • Cynthia A. Brown: “Health Care Reform: The AMA Perspective” (158KB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 1. Progress on Eliminating Stroke and Cardiovascular-Disease Disparities

  • Elsayed Z. Soliman, MD, MSc, MS: “Atrial Fibrillation and Ethnicity” (806KB PDF)
  • Ola Akinboboye, MD, MPH, MBA, FACC: “Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease” (3.83MB PDF)
  • Elijah Saunders, MD, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FASH: “Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Stroke in African Americans” (1.52MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 2. Science in the Interest of Minority Health

  • Charles D. Howell, MD, AGAF: “Racial Disparities in Chronic Hepatitis C”(1.49MB PDF)
  • Pamela Gehron Robey, PhD: “Cell-Based Therapies in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TE/RM)” (2.44MB PDF)
  • John J. O’Shea, MD: “Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells” (2.20MB PDF)
  • Lita M. Proctor, PhD: “NIH Human Microbiome Project” (1.77MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 2. The Uncontrolled Diabetes Population: Innovative Approaches to Reducing Disparities

  • Farhad Zangeneh, MD, FACP, FACE: “Twin Epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity”(13.1MB PDF)

Booker T. Washington Award Luncheon

  • Patricia M. Doykos: “Together on Diabetes: Communities Uniting to Meet America’s Diabetes Challenge” (172KB PDF)
  • Leandris C. Liburd, PhD, MPH: “Increasing CDC’s Impact on Health Equity”(2.33MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 3. Prescription Drug Coverage, Innovation, and Health Disparities

  • Terris King, PhD: “ACA & HHS Health Disparities Plan Goals for CMS” (438KB PDF)
  • Jack Hoadley, PhD: “Medicare Part D in Year 6: Improvements and Ongoing Concerns” (563KB PDF)
  • Kenyatta Lee, MD: “Can We Practice Evidence Based Medicine without an Evidence Based System: An Introduction to the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)”(6.46MB PDF)
  • Laura Lee Hall, PhD: “Equitable Cardiovascular Care: What Cardiologists Think; What Education Can Do” (1.59MB PDF)
  • Michael J. Fine, MD, MSc: “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Satisfaction with Care: VA’s Commitment to Health Equity” (1.52MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 3. Chronic Kidney Disease Complications and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Their Impact on Outcomes

  • Myra A. Kleinpeter, MD, MPH: “Chronic Kidney Disease Complications and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Their Impact on Outcomes” (5.87MB PDF)
  • Janice P. Lea, MD, MSc, FASN: “Lessons Learned from AASK (African-American Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension” (1.36MB PDF)

Joint Community and Policy Session 4. Reducing Health-Care Disparities through Health-Care Reform

  • John Z. Ayanian, MD, MPP: “Principles for Eliminating Disparities through Health Care Reform” (3.00MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 4. Cancer Biomarkers, Clinical Trials and New Treatment Options

  • Joseph A. Sparano, MD: “Cancer Biomarkers, Clinical Trials, and New Treatment Options” (1.43MB PDF)

Day 2: April 12Clinical CME Session 5. Guidelines on Expanded HIV Screening and Access to Care

  • Amanda D. Castel, MD, MPH: “Disparities in HIV/AIDS: The District of Columbia Experience” (4.10MB PDF)
  • Lisa K. Fitzpatrick, MD, MPH: “What Every Healthcare Provider Should Know about HIV” (3.77MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session II. Old Problems; New Challenges: The Latest Trends and the Latest Treatments That Everyone Should Know About

  • Neal Shore, MD, FACS: “The Latest Trends and the Latests Treatments That Everyone Should Know About” 481KB PDF
  • Frederic W. Grannis Jr., MD: “Lung Cancer: Failure, Inequity, Solutions”(13.8MB PDF)
  • Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA: “Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Association of Black Cardiologists’ Plan to Reduce the Cardiovascular Disease Disparity Gap by 20% by 2020″ (6.04MB PDF)

Clinical CME Session 6. Enrollment of Minorities in Clinical Trials

  • Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA: “Building a Career in Clinical Research”(549KB PDF)
  • James H. Powell, MD: “Clinical Research and the Minority Physician: Why You Should Be Involved” (1.63MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session III. The Future for Minority Health: A Discussion with Directors of Offices of Minority Health

  • Karen Williams, MS: “West End Medical Centers” (414KB PDF)
  • Terry Adirim, MD, MPH: “Health Resources and Services Administration: Healthy Communities, Healthy People” (465KB PDF)
  • Larke Nahme Huang, PhD: “Addressing Behavioral Health Disparities”(2.62MB PDF)

Special Presentation by Dr. Adil Haider and the 2011 CBC Health Braintrust Leadership Awards Luncheon

  • Adil H. Haider, MD, MPH, FACS: “Healthcare Disparities after Trauma: A Six-Step Plan to Eliminate Them” (3.69MB PDF)

CBC Health Braintrust Session IV. Perspectives on and Experiences with Achieving Health Reform That Transforms

  • Leonard Weather Jr., RPh, MD: “Perspectives on and Experiences with Achieving Health Reform That Transforms” (1.33MB PDF)
  • Manny A. Lopes, MBA: “East Boston Neighborhood Health Center” (813KB PDF)