2014 Summit Presentations


Eleventh Annual National Summit on Health Disparities/CBC Health Braintrust Meeting

& Awards Dinner:

Health Equity Now!:

The Progress That’s Been Made and the Work That Remains

Presentations and Videos

Day 1: April 28


Opening Session (video)

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen
  • Icilma Fergus, MD
  • Michael Lenoir, MD
  • Barbara McAneny, MD
  • Gary Puckrein, PhD
  • Elena Rios, MD

CME Session 1. Reducing Disparities in Cancer

  • Craig Emmitt Cole, MD: “Multiple Myeloma Awareness, Diagnosis, and Disparities” (2.43MB PDF)
  • Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH: “Reducing Disparities in Women’s Cancers” (1.09MB PDF)
  • Christopher Ervin, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 1: Undiagnosed Hepatitis C among Minorities: An Urgent Healthcare Response Is Required (video)

  • Theresa Hughes: “Break Silence: HCV Epidemic in Corrections and Underserved Communities” (811KB PDF)
  • Charles D. Howell, MD: “Chronic Hepatitis C in African Americans: Challenges and Opportunities” (2.57MB PDF)
  • Donna Cryer, JD, Moderator

CME Session 2. Identification, Treatment and Control of CVD Risk Factors in Minorities

  • Michelle A. Albert, MD, MPH: “Refocusing Independent Research Funding and Training to Serve Multi-Ethnic Constituents” (2.34MB PDF)
  • Icilma Fergus, MD, FACC: “Cardiovascular Disease in Women” (1.79MB PDF)
  • Dennis Cryer, MD, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 2. Racial Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes (video)

  • Michael F Flessner, MD, PhD: “Racial Disparities in CKD: Role of NIH in Fostering Innovative Research” (2.02MB PDF)
  • Dana L. Mendenhall: “African-American Renal PD Health Disparities Opportunity Assessment Summary” (1.04MB PDF)
  • Enrique Caballero, MD: “Diabetes in the Latino/Hispanic Population: The Case for Education and Outreach” (1.42MB PDF)
  • Courtney Lang, JD, Moderator

CME Session 3. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Detection and Treatment of Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia

  • Dionne Hart, MD: “Mental Health Disparities: The New Face of Psychiatric Treatment Facilities” (467KB PDF)
  • William B. Lawson, MD, PhD, DLFAPA: “The Public Health Challenge: Mental Disorders, HIV, and Race” (2.94MB PDF)
  • Jorge Quel, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 3. The Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Disparities on the US Healthcare System (video)

  • Ola Akinboboye, MD, MPH, MBA: “Update on Cholesterol Management: The 2013 ACC/AHA Guidelines” (1.95MB PDF)
  • Michael H. Kim, MD: “Disparities in Atrial Fibrillation: Focus on Anticoagulation Related Cardiovascular Outcomes” (711KB PDF)
  • Coltrane Stansbury: “Gateway to a Healthy Community: Healthier Kids” (with video: 436MB PDF) (without video: 844KB PDF)
  • Helene Clayton-Jeter, Moderator

Booker T. Washington Award Luncheon (video)

  • Juan Carlos Lopez Talavera, MD, PhD
  • Howard Koh, MD
  • Maulik Joshi, DrPH
  • Edward L. Martinez, MS
  • Salvo Alesci, MD, PhD: “The I’m In Campaign” (443KB PDF)
  • Traci Ferguson, MD, MBA: “Medicare Stars Quality Measures: Adjusting for Disparities in Patient Populations”

CME Session 4. An Update on HIV in Minorities: Are We Making Progress?

  • Mary Marovich, MD, DTM&H, FACP: “Update on HIV and Minorities” (1.26MB PDF)
  • Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, MPH, RPh
  • Owen Garrick, MD, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 4. The Role of Professional Medical Societies in Addressing Health Care Disparities (video)

  • Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD: “Coalition-Led Efforts to Improve Health Equity: Role of National Professional Medical Societies” (793KB PDF)
  • Elena Rios, MD, MSPH: “Health Disparities, Workforce & ACA” (434KB PDF)
  • Omar Hasan
  • Christopher Holliday, PhD, Moderator

CME Session 5. Challenges and Potential Solutions to Delivering Evidence-Based Care to Patients with Diabetes

  • Jaime A. Davidson, MD, FACP, MACE: “ACE/AACE Treatment Algorithm” (2.76B PDF)
  • Robert A. Vigersky, MD: “The High Cost of Guideline-Driven Diabetes Management: Potential Solutions for Mitigation without Compromising Quality” (522KB PDF)
  • Kevin McKinney, MD, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 5. The Status of Sickle Cell Disease and Other Blood Disorders in America (video)

  • CAPT Althea M Grant, PhD: “Sickle Cell Disease in the US: An Overview of Public Health Burden and Opportunities to Improve Health Outcomes” (507KB PDF)
  • Sonja L. Banks: “Role of Community/Patient Advocacy in the Success of New Therapies and Programs.… Working Together to Change Lives” (935KB PDF)
  • Craig Emmitt Cole, MD: “The Blood Cancer Twice As Likely to Affect African Americans: Multiple Myeloma(1.64MB PDF)
  • Bert Bruce, Moderator

Joint Community/Policy Session 6. National and Community-Based Efforts to Improve Disease Disparities (video)

  • Stephanie J. Monroe, JD: “The Cancer Sized Burden of Alzheimer’s: Race and Sex Do Matter” (917KB PDF)
  • Christopher Ervin
  • Salim Al-Nurridin and Louanner Peters: “National & Community Based Efforts to Improve Disease Disparities” (1.51MB PDF)
  • Lydia Pan, PhD, Moderator

Day 2: April 29

Welcome Remarks and Greetings (video)

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen
  • Gary Puckrein
  • A. Shuanise Washington

Special Morning Presentation

  • Arthur R. James, MD FACOG: “Health Equity Now!: The Progress That’s Been Made and the Work That Remains” (1.68MB PDF) (video)

Session I. Lock Up or Lock Down?: Why and How We Can and Should Improve Mental Health Care in America (video)

  • Karen Francis
  • Katherine Marshall Woods, PsyD: “Accessing Mental Healthcare” (147KB PDF)
  • Gloria Wilder
  • Kai Wilder

Session II. The Forgotten Americans: How the ACA Treats the Individuals in the U.S. Territories (video)

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen: “The Affordable Care Act in the U.S. Virgin Islands: What We Have and How We Got It!” (610KB PDF)
  • Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo
  • Congressman Pedro Pierluisi
  • Congressman Eni F. H. Faleomavaega
  • Congressman Gregio Kilili Camacho Sablan
  • Senator Clarence Payne

Session III. What the ACA Will Mean To Jail and Prison Health and the Health and Wellness of Ex-Offenders (video)

  • Maeghan Gilmore
  • Asher Turney
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Noel Manyindo

The CBC Health Braintrust Luncheon Presentation and the 2014 CBC Health Braintrust Leadership Awards Ceremony (video)

  • Raymond Jetson
  • Daniel E. Dawes, Esq: “Campaign for Advancing Health Equity” (740KB PDF)
  • Brian Smedley, PhD: “The ACA and Health Inequities” (480KB PDF)
  • Garth Graham

Session IV. Saving our African-American Health Providers (video)

  • Joia Crear-Perry
  • Reverend Deidre Walton
  • Alison Riddle-Fletcher
  • Deborah Frazier

Closing Remarks and Final Q&A Session

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen (video)

2014 Leadership Awards Dinner

(video: part–I and part II)

  • Congresswoman Donna Christensen
  • Gary Puckrein, PhD
  • Barbara McAneny, MD
  • U.S. Senator Ben Cardin
  • William Chin, MD
  • John Ruffin, PhD