5 Surprising Facts about Clinical Trials

PACE: 03/13/14

Perception poses a huge barrier when it comes to clinical trial participation. While trials remain vital to progress against cancer, less than 5% of U.S. cancer patients enroll in them, due in part to misinformation surrounding the process. Though 71% of Americans agree on the importance of clinical trials, many remain hesitant to participate. In order to combat some of these misconceptions, we’ve compiled some facts you might not know about clinical trials:

  1. You can join a clinical trial, regardless of your disease stage. It doesn’t matter if you just received your diagnosis or if you have exhausted all other treatment options, a clinical trial exists for you. Some trials test combinations of available medicines and others exist for those in remission.
  2. Clinical trials exist everywhere. People with cancer do not have to relocate in order to participate. To find a clinical trial in your area, use the Trials4Me tool to search for studies near you. Or, if you have difficulty deciding which clinical trial to enroll in, check out the American Cancer Society’s clinical trial matching service.
  3. You can afford a clinical trial. In the majority of instances, insurance companies will pay for most of the standard treatment— the care a cancer patient receives regardless of clinical trial enrollment– and the research institution covers any additional costs associated with the trial. Read More