Forum Activities

National Minority Health Month. In April 2001, the National Minority Health Month Foundation launched the first National Minority Health Month, in response to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2010 initiative—a national health-promotion and disease-prevention program. At least 24 states conduct activities each year in conjunction with National Minority Health Month. Learn more . . .

Annual Leadership Summit. Since 2004, the Forum has hosted the Annual Leadership Summit in April, focusing on disparities and improving quality of care for minorities. This event and National Minority Health Month bring together congressional leaders, federal executives, physician leaders, managed-care and other industry representatives, community leaders, and other critical stakeholders to support the implementation of integrated solutions to the problem of minority-population health disparities and improving quality of care.

The Forum is supported by health-institution stakeholders (including health plans, federal agencies, academic medical-research centers, foundations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and state and local agencies) and other private organizations.



    • Conducts research and analysis of evidence, guidelines, and measures relating to health and medical-care delivery systems and the management of resources that address U.S. minority-health-care concerns.


    • Assists and collaborates with public- and private-sector leaders, providers and other health professionals, physicians, consumers, administrators, community and faith-based organizations, and policy makers at all levels.


    • Creates minority-led public/private partnerships to foster cultural competency among health-care providers, to support health education and professional training, and to expand the use of state-of-the-art treatments and technology for minorities.


  • Manages projects based on zip-code-level analysis, working with a comprehensive relational data platform for identifying health status and disparity prevalence. The Forum houses data on vital statistics and on demographics, environmental information, medical claims, prescription-drug use, clinical laboratory values, health-care access points, and other data elements in one centralized data warehouse. The Forum measures and forecasts health status in small geographic areas, evaluates the impact of specific interventions, monitors changes in health outcomes, and serves as a valuable resource.