Advances and challenges in treatment and prevention of ischemic stroke

Wiley: 8/8/13

We review recent advances in the treatment and prevention of acute ischemic stroke, including the current state of endovascular therapy in light of five randomized controlled trials published this past year. Although no benefit of endovascular therapy over IV t-PA has been demonstrated, endovascular therapy is an appropriate treatment for acute ischemic stroke patients within the t-PA window who are ineligible for IV t-PA but have a large vascular occlusion. These trials reveal promises and current limitations of endovascular therapy, and comparison of reperfusion therapies remains an important area of research. One common theme is the strong association between a faster time to reperfusion, improved outcome, and reduced mortality. Primary and secondary stroke prevention trials emphasize the importance of aggressive management of medical risk factors as part of any preventative strategy.  Read More