An Important Week for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Phrma: 10/22/13

This year, biopharmaceutical companies committed to transforming how their clinical research can be used to advance innovation for patients through careful sharing of clinical trial data with independent researchers.

Adoption of the PhRMA-EFPIA Principles for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Our Commitment to Patients and Researchers is a landmark step toward more collaborative development, and implementation by biopharmaceutical companies and other research sponsors can lead to immeasurable benefits for research.

While we all recognize that enhancing research collaboration can bring great benefits, research sponsors and government regulators must be careful stewards of the personal health information they collect about clinical trial participants.  We have a critical responsibility to ensure that patient privacy and informed consent are respected.  In addition, we should mitigate risks to public health from the possibility of “junk science” that may lead to patients forgoing care that they need.  Finally, we must make sure that data disclosure requirements don’t destroy the incentives that companies require for making the costly, long-term investments in medical research necessary for the development of new medicines. Read more