Association Between Quality Improvement for Care Transitions in Communities and Rehospitalizations Among Medicare Beneficiaries

JAMA: January 23/30, 2013

Importance  Medicare beneficiaries experience errors during transitions among care settings, yielding harms that include unnecessary rehospitalizations.

Objective  To evaluate whether implementation of improved care transitions for patients with Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) insurance is associated with reduced rehospitalizations and hospitalizations in geographic communities.

Design, Setting, and Participants  Quality improvement initiative for care transitions by health care and social services personnel and Medicare Quality Improvement Organization staff in defined geographic areas, with monitoring by community-specific and aggregate control charts and evaluation with pre-post comparison of performance differences for 14 intervention communities and 50 comparison communities from before (2006-2008) and during (2009-2010) implementation. Intervention communities had between 22 070 and 90 843 Medicare FFS beneficiaries. Read More