Children With Type 2 Diabetes Exhibit High Rates of Hypertension, Early Markers for Kidney Disease and Other Comorbidities

Many Unable to Control A1C and Many Develop Markers of Risk for Cardiovascular Complications June 09, 2012 16:00 ET.

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwire – Jun 9, 2012) – Children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes appear to experience a more rapidly progressive disease than people who are diagnosed as adults, with a higher rate of early complications and a relatively early need for combination therapy or insulin, according to research results from the largest, and only, longitudinal study of its kind to date, of children with diabetes, presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 72nd Scientific Sessions®.

The Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth (TODAY) study, which was designed to test the efficacy and safety of diabetes medications for young people, was also able to identify which group of children would be able to manage their diabetes and which would face more rapid progression of the disease based on their initial response to metformin treatment. Researchers found that those who had good glycemic control (as evidenced by A1C levels in the normal range) after two to four months on metformin during the pre-randomization period were more likely to maintain that control for at least 48 months than those whose A1C levels were greater than 6.1 percent after the first few months of treatment on metformin. Read More