Clinical trials and tribulations in Latin America

Pharmaphorum: January 7, 2013

In this article, Luke Sewell provides an overview of clinical trials within Latin America, looking at the factors that make a trial successful in this region, as well as looking at the disadvantages that are sometimes overlooked.

The outsourcing of clinical trials to developing regions, given the ever growing cost associated with Europe and North American, has long been viewed as appealing to pharmaceutical companies looking to reduce costs. Latin America has been tagged as a region of particular interest for clinical trial outsourcing, and trials have been conducted in the region for several decades now, but what are the advantages? And perhaps more importantly, what are the potential pitfalls of running clinical trials in Latin America?

The region has been very popular among sponsors for a few reasons: naive populations all within dense regions allowing for quick recruitment, higher number of patients per location, lower expenses and an ethnically diverse population similar to those found in the USA or Europe. Read more