Comprehensive approach to the management of diabetes: offering improved outcomes for diabetics and the healthcare system

Future Medicine: November 2013

SUMMARY The incidence of diabetes is increasing globally, resulting in an ever-increasing social and economic burden. Despite advances in treatment options, metabolic control often remains suboptimal, resulting in high levels of morbidity and mortality, and increased healthcare expenditure. Current guidelines advocate individualized treatment and a multidisciplinary approach to disease management. For these recommendations to be realized, a comprehensive system of care could be beneficial. In the proposed system, patients would be at the center of a multidisciplinary approach, being provided with the necessary tools, education and support to take responsibility for their condition. Drug delivery systems, treatment algorithms and self-monitoring blood glucose devices, as well as innovations in medication, may provide the tools needed for a patient-centered multidisciplinary integrated care system. Such an integrated approach needs to be economically sustainable and flexible so that it can be scaled up or down to adapt to different healthcare systems.Read more