Congratulations to the 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge Finalists! 5/24/2012.

The two finalists were chosen by our expert panel of judges. The judges considered feedback gathered during the open voting period, and selected the finalists based on their collective evaluation of the strength of each concept, efficacy of prototype, scalability of solution, and team performance during the Demo Day that took place on May 16th at Blueprint Health, a health tech startup incubator in New York City.

This year’s semi-finalists presented an impressive group of solutions to improve diabetes care, and we thank all the teams for their continued dedication to helping people living with diabetes. It certainly wasn’t easy for the judges to select this year’s finalists from such an outstanding group.

As finalists of the 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge, n4a Diabetes Care Center and EnduringFX will receive an additional $10,000 each to test their prototypes within a community of people living with diabetes.

The community uptake stage fosters a dialogue with people living with diabetes, and highlights the importance of building human-centered healthcare solutions. Following this final stage of the Innovation Challenge, the judges will evaluate how each finalist’s concept was received by people living with diabetes, and how the finalists responded and adapted their concepts based on the feedback they gathered.


Sensor-driven system coupled with heart rate monitoring promotes physical activity as a means to improve blood glucose control.
“EnduringFX represents a potential to completely disrupt the typical approach to health, wellness, and chronic disease management like diabetes by mashing up advanced technology and data with social activity grounded in a person’s local community.”
Dennis Urbaniak, Sanofi US
“Recognition of environmental medicine as an important component of prevention and intervention is stellar.”
Ilene Klein, Qualcomm Life
n4a Diabetes Care Center
Matches patients with certain cost patterns and risk profiles to appropriate support and services designed to slow the progression and expenditures of the disease.
“n4a Diabetes Care Center has the kernel of something that could be quite tremendous.” Jon Brilliant, WellDoc
“As a big data person, I loved the predictive data analyses of this solution.” Lesa Mitchell, Kauffman Foundation Read More