Diabetes Rates Increase Significantly Among American Youth

Type 1, Type 2 Both on the Rise

Marketwire.com: June 09, 2012 10:00 ET.
PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwire – Jun 9, 2012) – The first analysis of diabetes trends among American youth reveals that the prevalence of both type 1 and type 2 increased among young people substantially over the past decade. Researchers also found that complications such as nerve damage are already emerging in young people, raising concerns about the long-term health consequences for this and subsequent generations if the trend is not reversed, as reported at theAmerican Diabetes Association’s 72nd Scientific Sessions®.

“Type 2, once known as ‘adult onset’ diabetes, is increasingly being diagnosed in young people,” said Giuseppina Imperatore, MD, PhD, Medical Epidemiologist with the Division of Diabetes Translation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. “We’ve known this was happening for a while, but now we have data that tell us just how big a problem it has become. Additionally, worldwide, the number of youth who are being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes has been growing at an annual rate of about 3 percent. Our preliminary data indicate that this is the case among U.S. youth too. This is of grave concern, because these youth will live with diabetes most of their lives and may develop diabetes-related complications, such as heart and kidney disease, nerve damage and vision problems, at a much younger age. In fact, preliminary data suggest that complications may already be developing in this generation.” Read more