Drugs May Cause 5 Times More Side Effects Than Previously Thought

New research on Drug Side Effects done at Stanford School of Medicine has discovered nearly 5 times the 70 or so potential reactions that are listed on the average drug insert.

(PRWEB) March 24, 2012.

Prescription medications usually always carry a rather frightening (and long) list of possible side effects. These drug side effects may range from mild symptoms like headache or nausea to more serious risks such as seizures or temporary blindness. New research suggests that the side effects listed on the label often represent just a small portion of what users are really experiencing.

The Truth about Clinical Trials

Most new prescription drugs undergo extensive testing in laboratories, often on animals, before being the center of a variety of clinical trials among closely monitored patients. While these studies are generally very thorough and are the most reliable way to prove that a medication is safe and effective, clinical trials could not possibly foresee all of the potential effects the drug could have on individuals with different underlying conditions and medical histories. Many times, the most serious side effects are not acknowledged until after the medicine has been on the market for quite some time. Read More