European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Annual Report 2012

EDCTP: 7/31/13

By the end of 2012, nine years after its launch, EDCTP had awarded 241 grants of which 106 were still active and 135 ompleted. Among the awarded grants 88 are clinical trials; 31 on HIV/AIDS, 25 on tuberculosis and 32 on malaria.

Although no new calls for proposals were launched in 2012, it was a very busy bridging period between the current and the coming EDCTP programme planned to start in January 2014 under Horizon 2020. Preparations to ensure a smooth transition included the publishing of the EDCTP Strategic Business Plan for 2014-2024 in May and meetings with various stakeholders. The EDCTP Strategic Business Plan for 2014-2024 highlights the expanded scope of EDCTP to include neglected infectious disease and all phases (I-IV) of clinical trials. The business plan is very ambitious with a significantly increased budget, underpinning the European Union’s and Participating States’ commitment to the programme. Read more