Familial Effects on Ischemic Stroke: The Role of Sibling Kinship, Sex and Age of Onset

Circgenetics.ahajournals: Katherine Kasiman1, Cecilia Lundholm2, Sven Sandin2, Ninoa Malki2, Pär Sparén2 and Erik Ingelsson2* – March 9, 2012.


Background—Previous studies on familial risk of ischemic stroke have supported genetic influence on the disease incidence. This study aimed to characterize these familial effects in a nation-wide population-based study by taking into account sibling relations, sex of siblings, and age of onset with respect to ischemic stroke incidence.

Methods and Results—Incident ischemic stroke cases identified from the Swedish Hospital Discharge and Cause of Death Registers between 1987 and 2007 were linked to their stroke-free siblings (study participants) forming an exposed sib-pair. Each exposed sib-pair was matched up to five unexposed sib-pairs from the Multi-Generation Register by birth and calendar years. Incident ischemic stroke risk was assessed using hazard estimates obtained from stratified Cox regression analyses.  Read More