Forum Capabilities

National Minority Quality Forum partnerships and collaborations are wide-ranging. The Forum works with key stakeholders (including health-care providers and professionals, administrators, policy makers, payers, industry, and community and faith-based organizations) to improve the delivery of optimal care to diverse populations.


The Forum manages the Zip Code Analysis Project—a comprehensive health database that links demographic, environmental, claims, clinical-laboratory, and other data elements into a centralized data warehouse, linked by zip code. The Zip Code Analysis Project isolates risk communities with high incidence and/or prevalence of chronic diseases, evaluates the impact of specific interventions, and monitors changes in health service and status.


The Forum conducts customized studies to localize disease incidence and prevalence by various cohorts, identify trends, and forecast risk.


The Forum undertakes educational programs to promote a redesign of the American health-care system so that it is able to provide optimal care to each individual.


The Forum convenes expert panels to analyze existing clinical and performance guidelines, to ensure that they are not helping to institutionalize health disparities, and to recommend new or refined health-care performance measures that focus on areas in which racial and ethnic groups experience poor health-care quality or a disproportionate burden of disease or disability.


The Forum’s community-based programs include disease-specific demonstration programs that employ multilevel stakeholder networks and issue-based media and educational campaigns.