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President and Chief Executive Officer

Gary A. Puckrein is President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Minority Quality Forum. Dr. Puckrein also serves as Executive Director of the Alliance of Minority Medical Associations—a collaborative effort of the Asian and Pacific Physicians’ Association, the Association of American Indian Physicians, and the National Medical Association. In 1998 he founded the Forum’s predecessor program (the National Minority Health Month Foundation) to help communities and policy makers eliminate the disproportionate burden of premature death and preventable illness in special populations through the use of evidence-based, data-driven initiatives. Dr. Puckrein has built the Forum’s capacity to house vital statistics and other information—including demographic, environmental, claims, prescription, laboratory, hospital, and clinic data—in a centralized data warehouse. Dr. Puckrein has also led the development of the Forum’s health indexes and atlases to measure and forecast health status in small geographic areas, evaluate the impact of specific interventions, monitor changes in health outcomes, and provide information and analysis regarding the health of ethnic and racial minorities. Dr. Puckrein published two successful magazines: American Visions and Minority Health Today. Dr. Puckrein was awarded his doctorate from Brown University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa.

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Vice President, Policy and Program

Gretchen Wartman has over thirty years of experience in health-policy analysis, strategic planning, and program design and administration. She has held key positions in both the public and the private sectors, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Missouri Department of Health, the Comprehensive Health Planning Council of Southeastern Michigan, the Greater Detroit Area Health Council, and the City of Detroit Department of Health. She served as the Missouri Title V director and has administered divisions with budgets of $200 million and 300 employees. Her experience in testifying before the Missouri General Assembly and in drafting budget proposals and legislation addressing critical health issues, such as family planning, and nutrition issues have afforded her a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that informs her performance in this leadership position.