Four pioneers explain the exciting promise of their research.

OBSSR:  10/22/12

Brian Wansink
Professor at Cornell University, discusses how a lot of eating habits can be changed by changing the environment in which people encounter food; moving the office candy dish farther away, for example, or serving meals on smaller plates. Engaging in “solutions-based research,” Wansink and his team are looking for ways to “de-convenience” food so that people learn to make conscious and more thoughtful choices about the foods they consume.

Carl Lejuez
Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Director of the Center for Addictions, Personality & Emotional Research, discusses translational research – studying the basic internal processes that lead people to addictive behaviors. According to Lejuez, if we can show why these behaviors are happening, we can develop novel treatments that approach each individual in a more precise way and help them back on the road to a full and valued life. Read more