Harmonizing Reporting on Potential Conflicts of Interest: A Common Disclosure Process for Health Care and Life Sciences

iom.edu: 11/27/12

“Harmonizing Reporting on Potential Conflicts of Interest” comes in response to the current state of complexity in reporting conflict of interest in health care and life sciences research. Developed by individual participants in a joint activity of the IOM’s Board on Health Sciences Policy and the Best Practices Innovation Collaborative of the IOM Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care, the authors present the case for a harmonized conflict of interest disclosure system that would not only reduce the time spent by researchers and health professionals on administrative tasks, but may also help to improve the accuracy and clarity of information. To further this goal, the paper identifies and defines elements for COI reporting that are common to different organizations and agencies involved in health care. The authors propose a centralized data repository operated in a not-for-profit status that is governed and stewarded in a manner which ensures data security while increasing transparency in medical research and clinical practice. Read More