HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius statement on National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day

HHS – June 10, 2013

A father’s love and full involvement in his children’s lives is crucial to their health, well-being, and development.

Fathers influence the physical well-being of their children in a number of ways — by being engaged in their lives, supporting a mother’s health, or by ensuring that children get the preventive services, such as vaccinations and well-baby checkups, they need to stay healthy. Fathers make a difference.

Studies have shown a father’s own health makes a difference to their children’s health. Active toddlers, for example, are more likely to have fathers with a lower Body Mass Index than less active children.

National Men’s Health Week, June 10-16, which concludes with Father’s Day, is a good time to focus on how men can take care of their own physical and mental health for themselves and for the well-being of their families. That means eating right, being active, and getting health insurance to ensure their families’ security and peace of mind.

Quality health insurance, however, has not always been easily accessible or affordable for millions of Americans who don’t get insurance through their jobs. Millions of men are uninsured. An accident or illness could lead to crushing debt devastating to their families’ security. Read More