History of Medically Treated Diabetes and Risk of Alzheimer Disease in a Nationwide Case-Control Study

Diabetes Care: January 22, 2013

OBJECTIVE Type 2 diabetes in midlife or late life increases the risk of Alzheimer disease (AD), and type 1 diabetes has been associated with a higher risk of detrimental cognitive outcomes, although studies from older adults are lacking. We investigated whether individuals with AD were more likely to have a history of diabetes than matched controls from the general aged population.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Information on reimbursed diabetes medication (including both type 1 and 2 diabetes) of all Finnish individuals with reimbursed AD medication in 2005 (n = 28,093) and their AD-free control subjects during 1972–2005 was obtained from a special reimbursement register maintained by the Social Insurance Institute of Finland. Read More