How can we reduce racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes medication adherence? 9/26/12

A substantial proportion of individuals with diabetes are nonadherent to their medication regimen [1,2]. Several studies have found a strong, independent association between suboptimal adherence to diabetes medications and poor glycemic control [1,3–5], as well as an increased risk of hospitalization and mortality [6]. Despite this evidence, few studies have identified what the barriers are to diabetes medication adherence that can be addressed in medication adherence promotion interventions [2,7], and even fewer studies, if any, have designed and tested such interventions. This places our knowledge of diabetes medication adherence far behind what we know about medication adherence in other chronic disease contexts (e.g., HIV [8], and hypertension). Already, other chronic disease literatures have accumulated decades worth of knowledge on general and population-specific barriers to medication adherence, as well as how to design and evaluate medication adherence promotion interventions across patient populations, including those populations at greatest risk of nonadherence and poor health [8]. Read more