Improving the Evidence Base for Medicare Policymaking

AcademyHealth: 2/1/14

In 2013, AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute launched its first major activity, a “Listening Project” aimed at identifying the most pressing health services research needs of leaders in health policy and health care delivery for the coming three to five years. Its goal is to foster greater interaction among the producers, users, and funders of health services research to spur the development and use of more relevant and timely evidence. As such, it supports AcademyHealth’s vision to improve health and health care by generating new knowledge and moving that knowledge into policy and practice.

The Listening Project draws on two separate audiences annually, the first round of interviews focusing on policymakers and the analysts who advise them, and the second on health care delivery system leaders. The Translation and Dissemination Institute’s Advisory Committee reviews and recommends topics for each round of interviews.  Read more