Increased Stroke Figures Remain Major Issue of Concern

On the eve of World Stroke Day, celebrated on 29 October 2011, the Public Health Agency (PHA) again gave a warning call against the deadly heart strokes.

The PHA officials also accounted that if all the patients correctly notice the early dangerous stroke risks, then thousands of lives could be easily saved by effectively treating these risks.

However, the health reports also made some surprising claims about these deadly strokes. According to them, more than 1,300 lose their lives every year.

Giving a very sardonic statement, one of these health experts believed that the Stroke certainly knows no boundaries and it could occur anytime or anyone despite thinking about the patient’s age or gender.

The health experts also asserted that annually, almost 15 million people suffer from the fatal stroke dangers all over the world. Meanwhile, out of these 15 million, almost 5 million people are forced to lose their life at very young ages and another 5 million would be left enduringly immobilized. Read Full Article