Increasing Enrollment in Drug Trials: The Need for Greater Transparency About the Social Value of Research in Recruitment Efforts

Mayo Clinic Proceedings: May 1, 2013

“Clinical trials and the consequent benefits to society are in jeopardy in the United States because of a decline in the ability to recruit patients in a timely manner to trials addressing key clinical issues.”1 So states a recent commentary in a leading medical journal, reflecting widespread concern in the research community about recruiting sufficient numbers of people into clinical trials. Anyone who cares about medical progress should share this concern.

What, then, is to be done about it? The authors, reflecting discussions at a US National Institutes of Health–sponsored workshop convened to address recruitment challenges, call for, among other things, a “national campaign to increase public awareness and participation in clinical trials” in hopes that it will establish research participation “as a valued contribution to the general public.” Read more