Insulin resistance and impaired pancreatic beta-cell function in adult offspring of women with diabetes in pregnancy

JCEM – 6/24

Context: Offspring of women with diabetes during pregnancy have increased risk of glucose intolerance in adulthood, but the underlying mechanisms are unknown.

Objective: We aimed to investigate effects of intrauterine hyperglycemia on insulin secretion and – action in adult offspring of mothers with diabetes.

Design, setting and participants: A cohort of 587 Caucasian offspring, without known diabetes was followed up at the age of 18–27 years. We included two groups exposed to maternal diabetes in utero: offspring of women with gestational diabetes mellitus (N=167) or type 1 diabetes (N=153). Two reference groups were included: offspring of women with risk factors for GDM, but normo-glycemia during pregnancy (N=139) and offspring from the background population (N=128). Read more