International Clinical Trials Day by SHERRY REUTER, Jun 7th, 2012.

Most of us recently observed a holiday… did you celebrate Memorial Day or International Clinical Trials Day, which was on May 21st.?

The National Institute for Health Research (NHS) in England celebrated this day by releasing results of a survey they conducted to coincide with International Clinical Trials Day.

This survey investigated the British public’s awareness of clinical research, and provides interesting information which may or may not be generalizable to other countries. Clinical research is increasingly conducted globally, and information in an international level may be helpful to other countries in some way.

For example, the information from this new survey is being used in England to guide policy to support clinical research, “To provide NHS Trusts with funding to employ research nurses, and cover the use of facilities (such as x-rays and scans) that are needed to carry out research… also manage the recruitment of NHS patients into high quality clinical research, and last year engaged more than half a million people into studies.” Read More