Is psycho-physical stress a risk factor for stroke? A case-control study 8/27/12

Background Chronic stress is associated with cardiovascular diseases, but the link with stroke has not been well established. Stress is influenced by life-style habits, personality type and anxiety levels. We sought to evaluate psycho-physical stress as a risk factor for stroke, while assessing gender influences.

Methods Case-control study. Cases: patients (n=150) aged 18–65, admitted consecutively to our Stroke Unit with the diagnosis of incident stroke. Controls: (n=300) neighbours (paired with case ±5 years) recruited from the census registry. Study variables: socio-demographic characteristics, vascular risk factors, psychophysical scales of H&R (Holmes & Rahe questionnaire of life events), ERCTA (Recall Scale of Type A Behaviour), SF12 (QoL scale), GHQ28 (General Health Questionnaire). Statistical analyses included conditional multiple logistic regression models. Read more