Jump-start study recruitment: Four websites to publicize clinical trials

Physorg: March 12th, 2012.

No matter what type of human-subject research investigators at the School of Medicine may be working on, there are some steps that all should take to enhance patient recruitment. By posting studies on the following four websites, researchers can efficiently find the participants needed to complete projects in a timely fashion.

1. ClinicalTrials.gov

Researchers may post any human-subject study to ClinicalTrials.gov — even observational studies — to benefit from a megaphone of publicity, all underwritten by the National Institutes of Health. ClinicalTrials.gov receives 50 million unique visitors a month, and its clinical trial data is regularly fed onto patient advocacy websites and the World Health Organization’s trials database, among others.

The NIH has recently put more marketing muscle behind this database with the launch of a new website — http://www.cc.nih.gov/— to promote clinical trial participation. (Remember that a certain class of interventional studies is required to be listed on ClinicalTrials.gov, and investigators must post these study results on the NIH site within a year after study completion.)

2. Stanford Clinical Trials Directory

At the same time, Stanford investigators should post their studies to the Stanford Clinical Trials Directory in order to benefit from patient outreach campaigns run by Stanford Hospital & Clinics and the School of Medicine.  Read more