Lifetime Direct Medical Costs of Treating Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Complications

Ajpmonline: AUGUST 6, 2013

Background: Lifetime direct medical cost of treating type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications in the U.S. is unknown.

Purpose: This study provides nationally representative estimates of lifetime direct medical costs of treating type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications in people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, by gender and by age at diagnosis.

Methods: A type 2 diabetes simulation model was used to simulate the disease progression and direct medical costs among a cohort of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients. The study sample used for the simulation was based on data from the 2009–2010 National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey. The costs of treating type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications were derived from published literature. Annual medical costs were accumulated over the life span of type 2 diabetes to determine the lifetime medical costs. All costs were calculated from a healthcare system perspective, and expressed in 2012 dollars. Read more