Male-Female Differences in Upregulation of Vasoconstrictor Responses in Human Cerebral Arteries

PLOS One:  April 29, 2013

Background and purpose

Male-female differences may significantly impact stroke prevention and treatment in men and women, however underlying mechanisms for sexual dimorphism in stroke are not understood. We previously found in males that cerebral ischemia upregulates contractile receptors in cerebral arteries, which is associated with lower blood flow. The present study investigates if cerebral arteries from men and women differ in cerebrovascular receptor upregulation.

Experimental approach

Freshly obtained human cerebral arteries were placed in organ culture, an established model for studying receptor upregulation. 5-hydroxtryptamine type 1B (5-HT1B), angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) and endothelin-1 type A and B (ETA and ETB) receptors were evaluated using wire myograph for contractile responses, real-time PCR for mRNA and immunohistochemistry for receptor expression. Read more