Medicare Identifies 97 Best And 95 Worst Hospitals For Hip And Knee Replacements

KHN: DEC 17, 2013

Medicare has begun tracking the outcomes of hip and knee replacement surgeries, identifying 95 hospitals where elderly patients were more likely to suffer significant setbacks. The government also named 97 hospitals where patients tended to have the smoothest recoveries.

The analysis, which was released last week, is the latest part of the government’s push to improve quality at the nation’s hospitals instead of simply paying Medicare patients’ bills. Medicare already assesses hospital death rates, how consistently hospitals follow basic medical guidelines and how patients rate their stays.  The evaluation of hip and knee surgery outcomes is significant because for the first time, Medicare is rating hospitals’ performance on two common elective procedures.

Many patients needing joint replacements want to know a hospital’s record when choosing where to have the procedure done.  This is not usually the case for treatment of conditions Medicare has evaluated previously, such as heart attacks. Read More