More participants in more clinical trials increase the prospect for cures

Freep: March 11, 2012.
The point is not whether it worked.

In truth, the research that will determine whether the experimental drug Zoladex protected LeElla Loving-Flake’s fertility during rounds of chemotherapy in 2007 still isn’t complete. Her ovaries might have continued working even if she hadn’t used the drug.

At the time, Loving-Flake couldn’t have imagined that that she’d one day give birth to Seth Flake — now a bubbly 21-month-old whose world view is teddy bears and toy cars and anything he can stick into his ears and mouth.

Rather, Loving-Flake signed on to a clinical trial five years ago because it gave her the feeling that she had some control — control against the cancer mass that was chewing her right breast, control against the chemo that could, in turn, threaten to permanently shut down her ability to have children. Read More