Network meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials: Reporting the proper summaries

Clin Trial: October 3, 2013

Background In the absence of sufficient data directly comparing multiple treatments, indirect comparisons using network meta-analyses (NMAs) can provide useful information. Under current contrast-based (CB) methods for binary outcomes, the patient-centered measures including the treatment-specific event rates and risk differences (RDs) are not provided, which may create some unnecessary obstacles for patients to comprehensively trade-off efficacy and safety measures.

Purpose We aim to develop NMA to accurately estimate the treatment-specific event rates.

Methods A Bayesian hierarchical model is developed to illustrate how treatment-specific event rates, RDs, and risk ratios (RRs) can be estimated. We first compare our approach to alternative methods using two hypothetical NMAs assuming a fixed RR or RD, and then use two published NMAs to illustrate the improved reporting. Read more