Nineteen Disability, Patient Advocate, Minority and Veterans Organizations Call on FDA to Reconsider Proposed Generic Labeling Rule

Gphaonline:  3/14/14

Groups Raise Questions about Patient Safety, Patient Access, Patient Savings and Inclusivity of Process

WASHINGTON, DC (March 14, 2014) –Today, 19 organizations representing those populations that most rely on access to affordable generic drugs submitted letters to the FDA raising significant concerns that its Proposed Rule on generic labeling could jeopardize patient access and patient safety.

“Patient advocacy, disability, veterans, minority and provider groups are taking their place at the table and raising serious concerns about the negative impact of the FDA Proposed Rule on Generic Labeling,” said Ralph G. Neas, President and CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA.) “The number of voices is mounting; last week, we heard from more than 20 organizations across the healthcare supply chain. Now we are hearing from patient populations historically and currently underserved by our nation’s health care system. Read More