No reason to fear clinical trials  8/1/12

It is wrong to argue that Indians are being used as guinea pigs in clinical trials.

The Supreme Court’s recent directives to the Government to deal with illegal clinical trials are timely and relevant, both for the development of medicine and the welfare of subjects participating in such trials.

Clinical research is an essential component of drug discovery and development, and cannot be substituted by any other credible method of validation of an experimental drug. Clinical trials are studies conducted in human volunteers (healthy or sick) to better prevent or treat diseases and determine whether the new treatment is both safe and effective.

Such trials are approved by the regulatory agency of the Government and undertaken only after there is adequate evidence from animal experiments for their safety and efficacy.

It is clear that medical research should continue as a cornerstone for making new drugs available for diseases for which no drugs are available, or when the available ones are not effective or safe. Read more