Organization of a United States County System for Comprehensive Acute Stroke Care Steven C. Cramer, MD; Dana Stradling, BSN; David M. Brown, MD; Ignacio M. Carrillo-Nunez, MD; Anthony Ciabarra, MD, PhD; Michael Cummings, MD; Richard Dauben, MD; David L. Lombardi, MD; Nirav Patel, MD; Elizabeth N. Traynor, MD; Stephen Waldman, MD, PhD; Ken Miller, MD, PhD; Samuel J. Stratton, MD., January 26, 2012.

Background and Purpose—Organized systems of care have the potential to improve acute stroke care delivery. The current report describes the experience of implementing a county-wide system of spoke-and-hub stroke neurology receiving centers (SNRC) that incorporated several comprehensive stroke center recommendations.

Methods—Observational study of patients with suspected stroke of <5 hours duration transported by emergency medical system personnel to an SNRC during the first year of this system. Read more