Overlap of Diseases Underlying Ischemic Stroke

STROKEAHA: 7/16/13

Background and Purpose—ASCOD phenotyping (A, atherosclerosis; S, small vessel disease; C, cardiac pathology; O, other causes; and D, dissection) assigns a degree of likelihood to every potential cause (1 for potentially causal, 2 for causality is uncertain, 3 for unlikely causal but disease is present, 0 for absence of disease, and 9 for insufficient workup to rule out the disease) commonly encountered in ischemic stroke. We used ASCOD to investigate the overlap of underlying vascular diseases and their prognostic implication.

Methods—A single rater applied ASCOD in 405 patients enrolled in the Asymptomatic Myocardial Ischemia in Stroke and Atherosclerotic Disease study. Read More