All Part D Plan Sponsors and Medicare Hospice Providers

CMS: March 10, 2014

On December 6, 2013, CMS issued a memorandum seeking to clarify the criteria for determining payment responsibility under the Part A hospice benefit and Part D for drugs for hospice beneficiaries. Based on these clarifications we suggested revised expectations for Part D sponsors to prevent duplicate payments for drugs covered under the hospice benefit or waived through the beneficiary’s hospice election. We issued that guidance for industry review and comment. We thank all who took the time to respond for your thoughtful comments in response to our request.

We recognize there are many outstanding questions and agree that rulemaking is required to resolve most of those issues. In the meantime, we have addressed many of your comments in revising the following Part D guidance for 2014. As we undertake future rulemaking, we will take all commenter submissions into consideration.  Read More