Pathogenetical Subtypes of Recurrent Intracerebral Hemorrhage

STROKEAHA: July 22, 2014

Background and Purpose—Pathogenetic classification of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), using systems such as SMASH-U (structural vascular lesions, medication, cerebral amyloid angiopathy [CAA], systemic disease, hypertension, or undetermined), is important in predicting functional outcomes and mortality in patients with ICH. This study aimed to compare pathogenetic subtypes between the first and recurrent ICH.

Methods—This study obtained data related to 4578 consecutive acute patients with ICH from the National Taiwan University Hospital Stroke Registry during January 1995 to December 2013. Using the SMASH-U method, patients were classified into 6 subtypes. We then analyzed the outcomes of first-ever ICH cases and pathogenetic classification of recurrent ICH. Read More