Patients With Prostheses Cost Medicare Less

Medpagetoday: Aug 29, 2013

Medicare recipients given orthotic and prosthetic devices were more likely to remain active in the community and avoid facility-based care than similar Medicare patients who didn’t receive such devices, a retrospective study found.

For example, patients receiving lower-extremity orthoses had fewer hospitalizations and emergency department (ED) admissions, and had about 10% lower Medicare costs after 18 months (P<0.05). Comparable Medicare savings were seen in patients with spinal orthoses and they also relied less on facility-based care (P<0.05).

The study results will be used to urge Medicare and other payers to make it easier for patients in need of prosthetics to receive them, the Amputee Coalition, a Manassas, Va.-based advocacy group that commissioned the study, said Tuesday. Read more