Pittsburgh Outcomes After Stroke Thrombectomy Score Predicts Outcomes After Endovascular Therapy for Anterior Circulation Large Vessel Occlusions

STROKEAHA: July 8, 2014

Background and Purpose—Prognostication tools that predict good outcome in patients with anterior circulation large vessel occlusions after endovascular therapy are lacking. We aim to develop a tool that incorporates clinical and imaging data to predict outcomes after endovascular therapy.

Methods—In a derivation cohort of anterior circulation large vessel occlusion stroke patients treated with endovascular therapy within 8 hours from time last seen well (n=247), we performed logistic regression to identify independent predictors of good outcome (90-day modified Rankin Scale, 0–2). Factors were weighted based on β-coefficients to derive the Pittsburgh Outcomes After Stroke Thrombectomy (POST) score. Read More