Preceding and Poststroke Infections in Young Adults With First-Ever Ischemic Stroke

STROKEAHA: October 17, 2013

Effect on Short-term and Long-term Outcomes

Background and Purpose—Poststroke infections (PSIs) worsen the outcome in acute ischemic stroke, but the effect of preceding infection (PI) is controversial. Data on young patients are scarce. We characterized PI and PSI in young adults with first-ever stroke and studied whether they are associated with 3-month and long-term outcomes, recurrent vascular events, and death.

Methods—From our database of 1008 consecutive patients aged 15 to 49 years, we included in the present study those who had brain imaging done within the first 2 days from stroke onset. Outcomes were unfavorable at 3 months and during long-term follow-up, vascular events, and all-cause death. Logistic regression and Cox proportional models were used to determine associations between infections and clinical outcomes. Read More