Prescription drug use among US seniors “has plateaued”

Pharma times: 10/1/13


Prescription drug utilisation among older Americans has reached “a plateau,” and market growth for this population during 2011-2030 will slow to “just one-fortieth” of the previous 20 years’ rate of rise, says a new study.

And this consumption slowdown will more than offset the impact of the baby-boomer generation, warns the report, from life sciences advisory firm VOI Consulting.
After 20 years of dramatic growth in US per-capita prescription drug consumption, levels have now reached saturation point, and the US market will not, for the foreseeable future, experience the sustained wave of industry-wide growth enjoyed during 1990-2010, it says.
The impact of declining utilisation growth is already being felt, and this slowdown has generally been attributed to generic competition, cost containment or a stricter regulatory environment. However, says VOI, declining utilisation growth is in fact the most important structural challenge facing the industry. Read more