National Diabetes Prevention Program Funded Organizations

CDC: 10/9/12

CDC awarded $6.75 million in grants under Prevention and Public Health Funds (PPHF) 2012—National Diabetes Prevention Program: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Among People at High Risk. These funds will expand the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) to help establish a network of structured, evidence-based lifestyle change program designed to prevent type 2 diabetes among people at high risk. Funding was awarded to six organizations on the basis of the number of qualified applicants, the scope of the proposals, and the geographic reach.

Partnerships developed with these awards will help CDC reach large numbers of people with prediabetes(those at high-risk for type 2 diabetes) by expanding the National DPP network of organizations offering the program. Grantees will offer a lifestyle change program consistent with the Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures. Funded organizations will provide information to employers about offering the lifestyle change program as a covered health benefit for employees. They will also work with third-party payers, including public and private health insurance companies, to facilitate performance-based reimbursement directly to organizations delivering the lifestyle change program. Read more