Putting climate change and human health science into practice

NIEHS: March 1, 2013

As extreme weather events, such as droughts and superstorms, call attention to the effects of climate change, questions about actions that can be taken to protect and prevent harm to the health of people are becoming a focus of climate discussions.

To help find the answers, for the first time, NIEHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) formally brought together their grantees working on climate change and human health, to share their research findings and discuss practical strategies for implementing this knowledge. The meeting, “Extreme Weather, Climate, and Health: Putting Science Into Practice,” was held Jan. 30-31 in Washington, D.C.

“The goal of this meeting was for grantees to share latest advances, as well as for participants to network with each other to build new relationships and plant the seeds for future collaborations toward solving one of the most critical public health issues facing our world,” said Caroline Dilworth, Ph.D., NIEHS health scientist administrator. Read more